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January 26, 2023

Pop-Up Events and Shops: Are They Right for Your Brand?

Pop-Up Events & Shops: Are They Right For Your Brand - The Concierge Club


That’s the idea behind pop-up events and shops.

Pop-ups fall under “pull marketing” tactics. The idea is to draw people towards your brand instead of directly “pushing” or promoting your products or services.

The goal of pop-up marketing is to pique interest. They help you start conversations about your brand and develop relationships with new customers. These surprise events and temporary shops encourage them to check out your product and make a purchase.

When done right, pop-up events and shops drive brand equity and increase revenue without exceeding your marketing budget.

Pop-Up Events And Shops - The Concierge Club

What Are Pop-Up Events?

Pop-up events are temporary and unexpected events showing up in unique spaces. They are meant to surprise people and create awareness.

Pop-up events are disruptive, that’s why they are effective at promoting advocacies. These events draw people’s attention better than billboard ads and outdoor advertising. However, pop-ups are not only for special causes. Brands can definitely use pop-up events to generate buzz and divert attention away from their competitors.

Although pop-up events are traditionally carried out in person, they can also be broadcasted live over the internet. This allows more people to join and witness the commotion. The more interactive the event, the longer people will remember your brand.

What Are Pop-Up Shops?

Pop-up shops, also called flash retailing, refers to a small and temporary sales outlet at a random location. For example, you can set up a stall in a shopping mall, school, weekend market, event space, or community centre. You may also have a pop-up store that only sells products during the holiday season.

These pop-up shops are a good way to invite attention. You can offer free samples and flash sales so that customers can try out your products in person. Make sure you have a representative who can fully explain your products and answer questions.

What Are the Benefits of Pop-Up Marketing?

Make a Positive Impression

Pop-up events and shops are a good way to generate qualified leads. More than the additional revenue, pop-up events are best for creating memorable associations with the brand. Positive experiences will help them develop a deeper appreciation of your products and services.You want your customers to remember you as the authority on a specific topic or the best source for a certain product. Brand associations can intensify trust and loyalty, which has a long-term positive effect on your reputation and sales.

Create a Sense of Urgency

When people hear of news about a promo or a limited-edition item being offered, they tend to jump at the chance. Pop-ups allow you to leverage “FOMO,” or the fear of missing out. Not only that, but they also end up talking about it to their peers. The short duration creates a sense of urgency. This prompts the customer to make quick purchases so they can get a “steal.”  When done well, this will allow you to hit your sales target in slow months.

Create A Sense Of Urgency - The Concierge Club

Test the Market Response

Pop-up events and shops are also great for testing market response to new products and getting direct feedback from customers, which you can use as a reference for product development. They also help promote your product to people who might not be aware of your brand. Most importantly, they help create additional revenue for and awareness about nearby branches when your physical stores aren’t attracting enough traffic.

Sell Older Inventory

In some cases, you can offload older stock during a pop-up event or in a seasonal store. You can give them away as freebies in exchange for contact information, which you can use in email marketing campaigns.Giving away tiered freebies will also help boost sales as customers will see them as a reward. Take note that keeping aging inventory can be expensive since you need to pay for storage space. You also lose capital when older products expire or get damaged over time.  

Should You Organize a Pop-Up?

Pop-up events and stores are a great way to stay relevant when the market is saturated by similar products. It lets smaller businesses go against the bigger brands, especially if you don’t have the budget for bigger activations.

If you want to know if pop-up events and shops would be good for your brand and how best to execute them, get in touch with our team at The Concierge Club.

Our event and customer insight experts are the best in the industry when it comes to experiential marketing. We’ve successfully organized product launches for B2B and corporate audiences, PR events, and trade shows.

If your brand needs a little boost, let us know. Pop-up events and shops could be the glow-up your brand needs.