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November 4, 2022

Polar Drive-Through: Toronto Holiday Event

Polar Drive-Through: Toronto Holiday Event - The Concierge Club

The holidays are a time for wonderment, celebration, and magic. Truly no other holiday evokes the same signature feelings of joy and hope - for children and adults alike! Unfortunately, this year is looking a little different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of you may be wondering what holiday themed activities are still in store for everyone to enjoy - with social distancing measures in place. With parades, holiday markets, and other holiday-themed events either shifted online or cancelled entirely this year, there’s been a lot of speculation about how to get Toronto excited about the holiday season. Well, you can put these worries to rest - because the Polar Drive-Through is coming to town!

The Polar Drive-Through is a one-of-a-kind multi-level immersive holiday experience that feels like you’re taking a trip through a holiday snow globe magical winter wonderland. The best part is, you can keep your family and loved ones safe, comfortable, and warm through the journey, whatever the weather conditions may be. Located at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Polar Drive-Through is a unique and fun way to get in the holiday spirit, say hi to Santa Claus, and not miss out on all the holiday cheer!

This event was meticulously and lovingly created by The Concierge Club, in partnership with Impact XM and Toronto Pearson Airport. We want the entire family to get in on the fun so we’re offering early bird rates at only $45 per car for a limited time.

Let’s get into the finer details!

Event Details

If you’re interested in taking part in Canada’s first-ever multi-level Polar Drive-Through holiday experience in Toronto, here is everything you need to know:

If you’re interested in taking part in Canada’s first-ever multi-level Polar Drive-Through holiday experience in Toronto, here is everything you need to know:

  • Date: November 27, 2020 to January 3, 2021
  • Time: Open daily, click here to view the schedule. Tickets are sold in 30 minute intervals to avoid long wait times.
  • Location: 6145 Viscount Rd. Mississauga, Ontario. Located at the Toronto Pearson International Airport.
  • Average duration: Approximately 30 minutes (Note: time will vary based on traffic).
  • Pricing:
  • For a limited time early bird tickets will be available at $45 per car
  • Purchasing information: All payments are completed online. Once a payment is made, you will automatically be sent a PDF ticket that will be scanned  as you enter the Polar Drive-Through.

A Toronto Holiday Experience for the Whole Family

Most of our favourite family holiday activities have been put on hold this year. Particularly activities that are experiential and get you out of the house. That’s why we’re so excited to bring Toronto our Polar Drive-Through multi-level event, an experience that’s meant for the entire family.

This event was made with a safety-first, community-focused mindset so that while you’re driving through our many levels of wonderment, you still feel connected to your family or group in this shared experience. Due to the fact that this is a drive-through event, you will need a vehicle to participate. To ensure proper safety measures are followed, you must stay in your vehicle at all times.

As you enter the Polar Drive-Through, make sure you don’t blink! Here are some features you won’t want to miss:

Six Levels of Holiday Sights and Sounds

On your drive-through this holiday journey you will encounter three light tunnels and three decor floors. We promise, it’s like driving through the North Pole itself.

Each level of the drive-through event features its own unique and elaborate design, filled with iconic holiday elements that are loved by all generations. First, you will dash away down an immersive LED light tunnel, then escape to a magical winter wonderland with larger than life holiday decor. After that, be ready to have your breath taken away as you descend into the crystal cave inspired tunnel. And what are the holidays without Santa Claus? That's right, here’s your chance to snap a picture as you drive past the real Santa. The holidays are all about the sparkle, and the next light tunnel will deliver just that. Lastly, the final decor level will have you feeling all things gold while you're immersed in a gold-filled scenery that is dazzling with lights and grandeur.

With all these exciting visual treats and splendor, the experience is meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s truly the perfect opportunity to build childhood memories and for adults to reinvigorate the inner child and get some instagrammable photos out of it at the same time.

Holiday Music

No drive-through holiday experience could be possible without the sounds of your favourite holiday music! We will be broadcasting all kinds of well-loved holiday tunes through a designated FM station upon arrival.

Our Green Initiative

This year, The Concierge Club founded an initiative that gives back to the environment by planting trees to offset our carbon footprint. So, as we plan, create, and experience the world of the Polar Drive-Through event, we will plant hundreds of trees to keep our practices as sustainable as possible.

Keep an Eye Out for Future Events

Our mission is to create memories for you and your loved ones through experiences and events just like the Polar Drive-Through. This is just the beginning - keep an eye out for other drive-in events, comedy nights, circus events, New Year’s fun and much more!

Get your Tickets Today!

Early bird tickets will be available for a limited time at $45 per car. Quantity is limited! So get your tickets now and mark your calendars.
Click here to secure your tickets today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the limit of passengers per car and ticket?

One of the benefits you get in this drive-through event is that we only charge per car, not per person. We wanted everyone to be able to enjoy this holiday experience together and therefore, the maximum number of passengers that you can have depends on your vehicle’s legal capacity.

2. What happens if I arrive late?

We ask everyone to come at their scheduled time or even a few minutes earlier. This is because we have a holding area for cars to ensure the best, uncramped experience for everyone inside the drive-through. Latecomers may not be admitted. In special circumstances, we may be able to help reschedule your ticket to a session at a later time as long as slots are still available.  

3. Can I coordinate my booking with another car?

Of course! If you want to experience the Polar Drive-Through with another vehicle, it is possible to coordinate your bookings to be simultaneous. Please ensure you arrive together so that your cars are next to each other in the line up, otherwise we cannot guarantee that you will be right next to each other.

4. Will restrooms be available on site?

Restrooms are not available, so please ensure that everyone uses the washroom beforehand.

5. Can I purchase tickets at the door?

No you cannot. This drive-through event is scheduled to avoid long wait times for our guests. Please purchase your tickets online for your preferred visit time here. We kindly ask that only those with prepaid tickets to come to the door.