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June 29, 2023

How We Created Holiday Magic For Oxford Gift Card PLUS

How We Created Holiday Magic For Oxford Gift Card PLUS - The Concierge Club

Talk about an experiential marketing match made in heaven!

We knew we had to do something special when Oxford Gift Card PLUS came to us hoping to drive more awareness to their gift cards for the holiday season.

It’s one of the most competitive times of the year, as marketers across all industries bring their A-game to outshine their contemporaries. And, let’s be honest: you don’t immediately think of “gift cards” when asked about easy-to-market products.

With all that in mind, we knew it would require some outside-the-box thinking to succeed—and that’s exactly what we did. We created pop-ups that were equal parts eye-catching and engaging to drive brand awareness for Oxford products. We took it upon ourselves to craft a memorable experience sure to put their brand front of mind for holiday shoppers. Keep reading to see exactly how we did it.

About Oxford

Oxford Gift Card PLUS makes gift giving easy, no matter if you’re shopping for family, a friend, or looking to reward your employees.

Their cards are accepted at nine shopping centres across Canada, including Square One, Yorkdale, and Scarborough Town Centre (STC). They’re also redeemable at travel locations and can be used to book flights on Porter Airlines—this isn’t your average gift card.

Give your loved ones the gift of choice with Oxford. Just choose the value of the card, your delivery method, and add a personalized message!

About The Concierge Club

Nobody does brand activations like The Concierge Club.

We’re a premium, full-service events and experiential marketing agency that has delivered luxury campaigns for some of North America's biggest brands.

Ideation, conceptualization, event staffing, private functions, corporate events, and holiday parties are just some of the many specialized services we offer. We’ve produced one-of-a-kind events and experiences for Sephora, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and more.

Founded in 2011 by Monica Gomez, we’re proud to be a North American business that is 100% owned by women. Our team is bold, creative, and never afraid to go the extra mile to elevate your next brand campaign.

‍Founded In 2011 By Monica Gomez - The Concierge Club

The Strategy

Oxford sells a fantastic product, so we knew customers would see its value once they learned more about it. Figuring out how to make this happen is a challenge we embraced when creating the Oxford Gift Card Shoppe.

Our strategy involved placing interactive pop-ups in three Oxford shopping centres—Square One, Yorkdale, and STC—at which gift cards can be purchased. These bustling shopping spaces are full of consumers looking to spend money, especially around the holidays.

We approached the pop-ups with a straightforward purpose in mind: engaging those passing by while upholding the haute aesthetic of the Oxford brand.

We knew our pop-ups had to look the part to draw people in, then once we captured their attention, it was all about offering a personalized hands-on experience. Our goal was to get people up close and personal with a rep so they could ask questions and learn more about the fantastic benefits of Oxford Gift Card PLUS.

Let’s look at exactly how we accomplished this.

The Execution

We had two points of focus: aesthetics and engagement.

To achieve a premium look, we made careful use of colour, texture, and space. We chose a luxurious and timeless selection of black, grey, and white palettes that succeeded in making a statement while also perfectly mirroring the designer brands whose stores live in Oxford shopping centres.

These aesthetic choices also extended to our complimentary offerings. The custom gift boxes, gift bags, and tissue paper we gave out were consistent with this palette, building immersion in all aspects of the experience.

Once interested passers-by approached the 80-inch display screens, they were invited to play a match it game that would enter them into a contest draw. Our event marketers wanted gamification front and centre in our digital integration strategy.

As they played, our staff had a window to initiate brand and product learning. Consumers getting to speak with someone about the product—and discuss how it could fit into their lifestyle—is where the brand activation magic happens.

The interactive displays also provided consumers with the option to purchase an Oxford Gift Card on-site while receiving special offers and promotions.

In executing both our aesthetic and engagement vision, we created an experiential marketing event that produced fantastic results.

Aesthetics And Engagement - The Concierge Club

The Results

The results unquestionably speak for themselves.

Saying we created an Instagrammab event with our pop-ups would not be an overstatement. The aesthetic was a smash hit, with consumers gravitating toward the consistency between our offering and their interests.

The pop-ups we created screamed “premium” to everyone who walked past. They were also created using fully re-brandable assets, meaning they can be easily redeployed at other Oxford shopping centres in the future.

Just as we expected, the match it game was a resounding success—would-be consumers didn’t want to miss an opportunity to win a gift card. Gamification elements do wonders to get people engaged at a brand activation event.

These interactive elements also build rapport. People were much more willing to engage with our staff after having been treated to a fun experience. They were empowered to explore and discover the pop-up on their own before we engaged them.

Ultimately, our experiential marketing experience drove tens of thousands in sales and led to thousands of meaningful interactions. More people know about Oxford Gift Card PLUS than ever before—and are more likely to buy it this holiday season.

Plan Your Holiday Experiential Marketing Campaign Now!

Today’s consumers crave more than just products and services, they seek meaningful connections that can only be fostered through immersive encounters.Our holiday pop-ups took the art of gifting to a whole new level—imagine what we could do for your brand!

Partner with The Concierge Club and we’ll transform your brand’s holiday marketing initiatives into a resounding success. Whether you’re a retail giant, a boutique enterprise, or a forward-thinking startup, our expertise and creativity know no bounds.

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