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May 11, 2023

8 Tips To Create an Instagrammable Moment at Your Event

Tips To Create An Instagrammable Moment At Your Event - The Concierge Club

Let’s face it: not every snapshot from an event is ‘gram-worthy.

Not on our watch. Here at The Concierge Club, luxury is our game. We’re the experts in designing events with more than one Instagrammable moment deserving of a square (or several) in your audience’s feed.

Here are our top eight tips for creating an Instagrammable event

1. Make it Lit

Lighting. Lighting. Lighting—we can’t stress this enough. You’ve got to make sure your event space is lit in both senses of the word. People don’t want to post about boring events or ones where it’s too dark to take photos. Whether you decide to go for bright lighting or neon elements, your choice must contribute to the overall aesthetic of your brand. Remember to take some test shots when everything is set up. If you find that your shots would make an excellent addition to your own feed, then chances are you’ve done a good job.

2. Install a Statement Piece

Like how a pair of chic boots or a stylish beret can turn heads, you can’t go wrong with adding a statement piece to your space. The most Instagrammable moments are the ones that speak volumes—now is not the time to whisper.

Think about the items that best represent your brand and make them collide with luxurious art. From *obnoxiously* large versions of your products dipped in ‘gram-worthy aesthetics to interactive dioramas, there’s no limit to the statements you can make.

If you feel like your statement piece belongs in the museum or has the potential to break the internet, you’re officially one step closer to hosting an Instagrammable event.

Install A Statement Piece - The Concierge Club

Image source: Instagram

3. Add Eye-Catching Backdrops

Having one statement piece is fantastic, of course. But don’t stop there. While audiences line up for one Instagrammable moment, wouldn’t you want there to be other stunning corners that deserve attention as well? This is where eye-catching backdrops come in.

Think floral walls with LED lights, red carpets, event arches, elegant accent chairs, and other elements that add some posh flair. Your event is your brand’s universe—make people want to step into it and lose themselves there.

Add Eye-Catching Backdrops - The Concierge Club

Image source: Instagram

4. Incorporate a Photobooth

Anybody can take photos, but not everyone goes the extra mile to print those memories. Why else do you think people always line up for photo booths? They make it easier to have hard copies of Instagrammable moments.

Photo booths make events feel more important, cementing them in people’s minds as something to look back on with nostalgia.

5. Invite Influencers or Celebrities

If you managed to get a selfie with your favourite influencer or celebrity, would you post it on your Instagram? We know we would.

Not only will inviting famous guests likely boost attendance, but once audiences tap “post” on Instagram, you’ll get a huge boost in online exposure.

6. Use A Catchy Hashtag

Hashtags have the power to connect you and your audience. They’re a two-way street that both parties love traversing. Attendees will have the chance to be seen by you in the online world, and you get to see them enjoying what you’ve created.

As a brand, hashtags give you a closer look at just how many people you’ve successfully engaged. On the other hand, audiences who post using your hashtags will be able to show their followers that they were a part of your Instagrammable event.

The more that the hashtag is used, the more your brand name is out there. Make sure your unique hashtag is peppered all over the event space.

P.S. Remind them to tag your official page as well for extra visibility!

7. Set Up a Live Feed of Social Posts

Don’t we all just love being a part of something great?

You can’t possibly throw an Instagrammable event without dedicating a space to putting the spotlight on the ‘gram in real-time. We can already visualize attendees getting excited when they see their own posts having a moment on the big screen.

As people see this happening, expect it to create a ripple effect as more and more attendees want to join in on the fun. People want their friends and family to know when they’re living out an Instagrammable moment in real life!

8. Like and Share Attendee Posts

So you’ve given your audience an Instagrammable moment and it’s earned a valuable spot in their feed. Now what?

Start tapping like and share some of the attendee posts that caught your eye. This little gesture goes an especially long way for PR events designed to build relationships and make a good impression on the public. These attendees have stepped into your world by making it Instagram official—now it’s up to you to keep them by your side.  

Event Decor - The Concierge Club

Image source: Instagram

Make Your Event An Instagram Moment

No matter your brand or audience, the experts at The Concierge Club are ready to help you host an Instagrammable event sure to get trending.

As a premium event and experiential marketing agency, we’ve been dreaming up luxury experiential campaigns for some of North America’s most notable brands for over ten years. We have the know-how, vision, and connections to elevate your next event into an Instagrammable moment they’ll never forget.

Contact us today to get started!