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April 20, 2022

What to Look for When Hiring an Experiential Marketing Agency

What To Look For When Hiring An Experiential Marketing Agency - The Concierge Club

Consume experiences, not things. This seems to be the mantra of the new generation as recent studies on behavioural economics indicate.

How did this millennial paradigm come about?It was perhaps the rising popularity of social media platforms that gave birth to business models which allow people (or influencers) to generate income while they share their experiences to the world.

This “experience economy” is what businesses want to capture in their marketing efforts and that’s what an experiential marketing agency does.

10 Qualities Of An Exceptional Experiential Marketing Agency - The Concierge Club

10 Qualities of an Exceptional Experiential Marketing Agency

Although intergenerational consumers are loyal, they’re also very picky. Over 60% of them say they will most likely be loyal customers if a brand engages with them, especially on social networks.

So if you want to capture this market (remember—young people remain a key consumer base), you need more than just a regular marketing agency to do the job. You need someone with skills, experience, and creativity for a successful experiential campaign.

What are the qualities you should look for when picking an experiential marketing agency? Let these 10 things guide you:

1. Proven Track Record

One of the best ways to measure an agency’s calibre is through its reputation. Who are the past clients of your prospective experiential marketing agency? What kinds of industries have they handled in the past?

If past clients are saying good things about them and they’re willing to put their name on it, then it means they were happy with the results.

2. Relationship with Clients

This is closely tied with the agency’s track record. Do past clients keep coming back to them for projects? If they often leave, they might be unsatisfied with the service and don’t see it as worth coming back for future events.

3. Experience

How long has the agency been in business? What were some of the campaigns they did? Checking their portfolio is a great way to evaluate the quality of their work.

Their portfolio will also give you a glimpse of how they handle challenges, if they have a specific process, and if they can customize their approach to fit your vision.

4. Attention to Detail

Unlike traditional campaigns, experiential marketing events have a lot of moving parts that can be extremely challenging for an inexperienced agency. You want to pick an experiential marketing agency that has the ability not just to create plans, but to execute them from start to finish.

Attention To Detail - The Concierge Club

During your consultation, also ask them for case studies that will demonstrate how the agency coordinates the finer details of an event such as:

  • Installation
  • Production and promotion plan
  • Post-event follow-ups
  • Safety disaster management

This is what The Concierge Club is known for—immaculate attention to detail and ingenuity are at the forefront of how we approach each and every project.

5. Existing Relationships with Vendors

An agency’s ability to execute an event largely depends on the existing relationships they’ve built over the years with venues, producers, local precincts, government agencies (for permits and zoning requirements), and other vendors.  

You might be able to do them yourself, sure. But having an agency facilitate on your behalf will allow you to focus on other, more pressing areas of your business.

6. Problem-Solving Skills

A seasoned experiential marketing agency understands that not everything always goes according to plan.

Although it’s good to have a plan B and C in case things don’t go as expected, it’s not just the ability to avoid problems that a good agency must possess but the ability to recognize and deal with them quickly as they develop.

7. Measurable Metrics

What makes a campaign successful? How does the agency evaluate its work? Is it the size of attendees, the number of sponsors, the number of sign-ups or products you’ve sold, or a combination of them?

Measurable Metrics - The Concierge Club

Whatever the case may be, choose an agency that can supply you with metrics that will allow you to track the campaign’s performance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to gauge your ROI or if the campaign was a success or not.

8. Innovation and Creativity

Ultimately, this is what makes an experiential marketing agency stand out: its innovation and creativity. Does the agency consistently come up with fresh, original ideas? Can they spin something ordinary into something unique and interesting?

Pick an agency that can think outside the box, pushes boundaries, and keeps an eye on the latest trends. If they have the ability to set trends themselves, even better!

9. Good Communication Skills

When reaching out to experiential marketing agencies, pay close attention to how they communicate with you. Have they defined their preferred method of communication and did they ask for yours?

Promptly replying to your inquiries and their consistency in communicating with you is a sign that they’re in tune with you and that they have good work ethics. Also note if there’s good communication not just with you and/or other clients, but within the agency’s team as well.  

10. An Agency That Understands Your Ideal Market

Ideally, it’s best to pick an agency that has worked with companies similar to yours; someone with a prior understanding of your ideal market and the nuances of your type of business. This way, you can be sure they know what you need and you’ll be able to save on training.

Creating Experiences That Reflect Your Brand

Hiring the wrong experiential marketing agency can spell financial disaster for your company, so choose carefully.

At The Concierge Club, we listen, ask questions, and understand your brand and vision before we pitch. We don’t just put on a show, we customize campaigns that put your brand forward, attract new customers, and deepen the brand-customer relationship.

So if you’re ready to take the first step to make a lasting impression on your market, trust The Concierge Club to plan a successful campaign with great results. To know more about experiential marketing and other services we offer, get in touch with us today.