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June 21, 2022

What an Immersive Art Experience Can Teach Us About Experiential Marketing

Immersive Art Experience Can Teach Us About Experiential Marketing - The Concierge Club

Have you ever seen a painting so captivating that you find yourself staring at it for hours, consumed by thoughts of another world?

Now, imagine yourself being surrounded by an art piece so creative that you feel you’re a part of that artwork. That’s what an immersive art experience is.

It’s art integrated with sound and light technology, video mapping, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and other new media technologies that aim to immerse all the senses of the viewer to create a total body experience.

Immersive Art Experience: A Real Life Example

To give you a better understanding of what an immersive art experience is, the Van Gogh Immersive Exhibit is a prime example.

This immersive “exhibit” is certainly a new way to encounter art, which has remained unchanged for centuries.

When you enter the exhibition space, you’ll see blown-up reproductions of his paintings—Starry Night, Sunflowers, The Bedroom, and his many self-portraits—projected on the walls, floor, and ceiling. It features animated renderings of some of his works played on an uninterrupted loop.

The vivid visuals are accompanied by ethereal sounds and snippets of classical music by Mozart and Handel. Van Gogh’s quotes were also used throughout the exhibit.

There were no static paintings. Everything was moving—delicate flowers unfurl, candles burn, colours float and dissipate on the walls. The timid, sideway glances of his many self-portraits reveal his sadness and loneliness.

By stepping inside his paintings—which are a mix of Post Impressionist colours and technology—you’ll be taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and into the vortex of Van Gogh’s despair.


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Why Immersive Art Is Important in Experiential Marketing

Both immersive art and experiential marketing work on the same principle: to leverage all the senses in order to experience art, or in the case of marketing, your brand. By mixing art and technology, you can shift from a product-focused approach to a purely experiential experience that will give your audience a different perspective of what your brand is.

Here are some of the things an immersive art experience can teach us about experiential marketing and why they’re important for your business:

Relationship with Objects and Places

Have you ever wondered what the skeletons inside Washington D.C’s Smithsonian Museum would have looked like if they were alive and moving? With immersive art experiences and experiential marketing, nothing is impossible!

Although they have been on display since the 1800s, it’s only since the launch of the app, Skin and Bones, that people can actually see them move as if they were alive. Thanks to augmented reality, audiences can understand the specimens better, but in a more fun way. That’s art, tech, and experiential marketing for you all in one!

Improvement of Well-Being

An immersive art experience should take you out of the humdrum of everyday life and transport you to somewhere you’ve never been before. Experiential marketing does (or should do) the same.

With the same touch as immersive art experiences, experiential marketing should have a profound and transformative approach so audiences can learn about your brand while allowing them to escape from the monotony of the everyday.

Data as an Exchange for Value

Immersive art uses digital technology to somehow pass on information, emotion, and ideas to audiences. And so should experiential marketing.

Your marketing must go beyond being a gimmick and become a meaningful, long-lasting experience to help people see how your brand is interconnected with their world.

5 Things to Consider When Integrating Immersive Art in Your Marketing Campaign

Should you use immersive art in your experiential marketing? Here are five things to consider:

It Offers a Multitude of Formats

Art comes in a variety of forms, and when used in experiential marketing, it gives you a wide range of media. Think large format, multi-screen performances and shows. You get to have a list of choices of what immersive or physical interactive experiences will be most appreciated by your audience and create a unique connection that will make you stand out from your competition.

Things To Consider When Integrating Immersive Art In Your Marketing Campaign - The Concierge Club

It Makes Your Brand Easier to Relate To

Part of what made Van Gogh, The Immersive Experience successful is how the emotions within his works were magnified because of how they were presented. Audiences saw those emotions clearly and were able to empathize with them directly.

Applying this principle to experiential marketing, you must not simply offer your product or service to your market; you must make them feel connected to what your brand stands for. People will remember you more that way.

It Creates Memories

Immersive art impacts the memory of audiences which is parallel to every marketer’s goal—to be remembered. Make sure to touch most, if not all of the visual, auditory, reading, and kinesthetic learning styles in your experiential marketing campaign. This way, it’s highly likely people will recall certain moments and what they felt at the time during their experience with your brand.  

It Fosters Activity

Just like static paintings curated in a museum, traditional marketing falls into the passive realm, but that’s not how it is with immersive art and experiential marketing. Both require audience participation through immersion or physical activity. The audience is placed on a journey where they should be mentally or physically present.

It Makes Marketing Fun

Rev up your experiential marketing campaign by using art as a vehicle to deliver something fun that establishes brand sentiment and draws buyers in!

For example, this hotel in New York has a robotic concierge which certainly attracts attention and drives more check-ins.

It Makes Marketing Fun - The Concierge Club

Make Your Brand Stand Out with An Immersive Art Experience

If you want an experiential marketing campaign that uses the principles of immersive art, we can help.

The Concierge Club is an expert in creating marketing strategies for brands that impress their target market, create a lasting bond, and help them reach their business goals. If you’re looking to curate one-of-a-kind events and experiences for your next campaign, get in touch with us today.