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June 8, 2023

The Benefits of Hybrid Event Technology

The Benefits Of Hybrid Event Technology - The Concierge Club

Technology is a two-way street—it enables you to connect to the world and makes way for the world to connect with you. With the ability to unlock endless opportunities, hybrid event technology is being frequently leveraged by industry experts.

So what are all the positive ways technology continues to impact this industry?

Keep reading to find out!

1. The Live-Streaming Effect

When it comes to hybrid event technology and its positive effects, one of the key players continues to be live-streaming.

Live-streaming technology is helping brands maximize the impact and reach of their events. Now, an event can not only reach those in attendance but also anyone who decides to tune in from home—from anywhere in the world.

Whether it’s festivals, conferences, or PR events, live-streaming has become instrumental to building your brand. The importance of being able to reach those interested in you and your content from anywhere cannot be overstated.

If you play your cards right, you might just inspire them to attend your future events in person.Surveys have shown that 67% of people who watched a live-streamed event are more likely to purchase tickets to attend the event the next time around.

The Live-Streaming Effect - The Concierge Club

2. Flexibility with Virtual Attendance

Statistics have revealed that 33% of people prefer to attend events virtually.

Whether it’s because of the amount of convenience that it brings or the lingering effects of the height of the pandemic, virtual attendance still stands as the better option for some people. Ensuring that these occasions support hybrid event technology and are virtual-attendance-friendly will pay dividends.

Doing so increases the options for your clients and leads to more ticket sales. If your event is completely sold out—much to the dismay of would-be attendees—they can still get in on the fun when you offer a virtual attendance option. Hybrid events are a win-win situation for everyone, so use them to your advantage.

3. Innovative Advertisement Solutions

Hybrid event technology has provided new advertising opportunities for an event and its sponsors.

By combining both physical and virtual elements, you’re able to reach an audience beyond the physical limitations of the venue where your event is taking place. Event sponsors can now connect with attendees from all over the world, resulting in increased brand exposure.

If you want to take your virtual advertising efforts to the next level, utilizing personalized ads using data analytics and AI-driven tools can ensure attendees receive relevant and targeted promotions.

4. Mobile Ticketing and Apps

Mobile Ticketing

Mobile ticketing has changed events for the better.

Mobile tickets make the entire process more convenient for both clients and event organizers.Those attending an event in person don’t have to stand in line at will-call to collect their tickets, and organizers don’t have to assign people to hand them out. Overall, this makes the whole process more seamless and hassle-free.

As far as the online side of hybrid events is concerned, mobile ticketing has made it easier for organizers to control who isn’t and isn’t attending. This process also allows online attendees to RVSP and let the organizer know they will be watching from wherever they are.

Additionally, mobile ticketing reduces the amount of paper used for tickets and receipts. Gone are the days of having to print thousands of paper tickets for a big in-person conference or convention. Everyone likes taking care of the planet, right?

Mobile Ticketing And Apps - The Concierge Club

Mobile Apps

Whether in person or at home, event technology continues to elevate the attendee experience, and mobile apps are another great example.

Launching an app meant specifically for your event can create a space for communication and networking. The best hybrid event platform will be one that extends the experience beyond the time actually spent at the event.

In terms of a hybrid conference, you can turn mobile apps into a platform where attendees can create personal profiles, connect with each other through chat spaces, download their tickets, or even gain access to exclusive content.

If you're organizing music festivals, apps can help fans of certain performers communicate and coordinate with each other to get the most out of their experience.

5. Data Tracking

Hybrid event technology is on your side even once your event ends.

Event data tracking is right at our fingertips, as it’s easier than ever to get a clear look at how people engaged with your event. You can take a look at hashtags, new followers, mentions, and tagged photos to measure the impact you made in social spaces. You can also track other metrics, including click-through rates, conversion rates, and time spent on your virtual platform.

All of these elements are valuable tools that will help raise brand awareness online, too. When you start to promote future events, you'll already have an impressive "portfolio" of past work for everyone to see.

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