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December 9, 2023

“Style in the City”: Bringing Dynamite’s Fall/Winter Collection to Life

The entrance to Dynamite’s “Style in the City” event decorated in neutral-coloured floral arrangements

What happens when you combine a chic fashion brand, a stunning venue, and our team of expert experiential marketers? You get a night to remember!

That’s exactly what we delivered for Dynamite, one of North America’s top fashion retailers. They came to us with a vision—they wanted to showcase their ‘24 fall/winter collection and reposition themselves as a one-stop fashion destination for stylish, urban, ambitious women through the use of influencer marketing. With that in mind, we transformed the Carriage Way at Toronto's Union Station into a glamorous setting for an exclusive influencer event and dinner that generated a ton of social media buzz and positive brand impressions.

Keep reading to find out how we pulled off this spectacular experiential event!

About Dynamite Clothing

Dynamite Clothing offers versatile, affordable, and on-trend clothing for women who want to express their personal style. Founded in 1984, Dynamite has expanded to over 300 stores across Canada and the United States. 

Known for its high-quality career clothing, the brand is also evolving its design inspiration to provide day-to-night looks and integrate trendy evening pieces. This brand’s mission is to empower women to feel confident, beautiful, and unstoppable. 

In alignment with this vision, Dynamite is shifting its marketing strategy by focusing on transforming perceptions of the brand among influencers. The goal is to be the go-to destination for professional, fashion-forward women ages 25 to 35.

To introduce its fall/winter collection and kickstart this exciting new campaign, Dynamite partnered with The Concierge Club to bring “Style in the City” to life.

A collage of the “Style in the City” event with attendees shopping Dynamite’s fall/winter collection

About The Concierge Club

The Concierge Club is a premium, full-service events and experiential marketing agency that creates unforgettable experiences for some of North America's biggest brands, including Sephora, Hyundai, Hewlett-Packard and more.

From ideation and conceptualization to event staffing, production, design, and management, The Concierge Club takes pride in bringing immersive experiences to life. 

Founded by Monica Gomez, event maven and industry expert, the company is a 100% women and minority-owned business. The team is bold, creative, and never afraid to go the extra mile to elevate a brand’s next campaign.

The Strategy

The objective of the event was clear: To captivate, astonish, and etch an indelible, positive impression of Dynamite into the attendees. Our mission was to make a glamorous night that influencers would rave about online. 

We started by choosing the exclusive Carriage Way at Union Station as our venue, a space rarely open for event purposes. With a backdrop of city lights accentuated by our stunning decor, it all made for a truly Instagrammable event. 

We also wanted to make the influencers feel special and pampered, so we created a Gifting Suite where they could select pieces from Dynamite's fall/winter line, as well as a flower shop where they could pick out a gorgeous fall-inspired floral bouquet.

Of course, the highlight of the event was a 56-foot dining table adorned with a breathtaking tables cape where influencers were treated to a sneak peek of the holiday collection while being treated to an exquisite dinner.

The event’s dining arrangement made up for guests with draping chandeliers and candlelights

The Execution

We executed our strategy with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every element aligned with the brand's vision and would elevate the influencers' experience beyond expectation.

We used a luxurious and timeless selection of black, grey, and white palettes for the decor, featuring mirrored and reflective accents for that extra sparkle. For added pops of colour and texture, floral arrangements and centrepieces were chosen in schemes that complement Dynamite’s fall and winter collection. 

For the dining experience, we curated a stunning three-course menu paired with specialty cocktails, and prosecco, to enhance the culinary experience. 

To highlight Dynamite’s offerings, we displayed the fall/holiday collection on mannequins along the dining hall and on tastefully arranged showcases so attendees could preview the new line in a setting where they’d shine—day-to-night styles come to life.

Over 50 of Toronto’s most prominent social media influencers snapping pictures of Dynamite’s holiday collection

The Results

Influencer event marketing is one of the most powerful ways to get people talking about your brand—assuming you do it right. It’s safe to say we did. 

“Style in the City” attracted over 50 of Toronto's most prominent social media influencers, who embraced the theme by rocking Dynamite outfits perfectly styled for a glamorous night out in Toronto. 

The influencers raved about the event, praising the venue, the decor, the food, the service, and the collection. They also loved the gifting suite and the flower shop! Watch the highlights from the event below:

The event was a roaring success. From redefining Dynamite with the influencers in attendance to reaffirming its place as a staple in the wardrobes of fashion-forward women—we’re confident “Style in the City” did exactly that.

Watch the highlights from the event!

Plan an Unforgettable Influencer Event with The Concierge Club

Whether you’re looking to reinvent your brand image, launch a new line, or just generate some social media buzz, influencer-driven events like “Style in the City” are an amazing way to make it happen—especially when we organize them. 

The Concierge Club has the expertise, creativity, and passion to plan and execute an influencer event that will captivate and impress. We’d love to curate a personalized event that gets results for your brand like we did for Dynamite Clothing. 

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