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December 22, 2022

Best Experiential Marketing Activations This Year

Best Experiential Marketing Activations This Year - The Concierge Club

Experiential marketing is all about engaging customers and other relevant stakeholders. This can be done through event marketing executions such as conferences, product showcases, guerilla marketing, brand activations, and so on.  

Here at The Concierge Club, we believe that the best experiential marketing campaigns are targeted, memorable, and engagement-worthy. In this article, we cover experiential marketing examples in 2022 that have ticked all the boxes.

Let’s get started!

1. Albourne’s Stunning Corporate Conference

Albourne’s Stunning Corporate Conference - The Concierge Club

Albourne’s annual corporate conference took on another level of storytelling, luxury, and artistry this 2022.

The objective was to create an experience that was nostalgic, iconic, and premium at the same time—and that is exactly what was achieved. We chose various themes to highlight for the corporate event, including Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Bloodsuckers Ball, and Come From Away. When woven into a brand’s story, nods to a horror musical, a classic gothic horror film, and a suspenseful Canadian musical worked together to create an experience that attendees will talk about for a long time.

Each theme had carefully arranged experiential elements, exquisite decor, and matching performances to wow Albourne’s 450 guests throughout each stage of the conference. It’s truly one of the best event marketing examples of 2022.  

2. The Launch of Valentino Beauty

The Launch Of Valentino Beauty - The Concierge Club

Next on our list of experiential marketing examples is the launch of Valentino Beauty, a new beauty line by Valentino Garavani. This particular execution showed the combined power of experiential marketing and influencer marketing.

Early this year, we at The Concierge Club had the pleasure of creating an immersive product launch event that celebrates beauty, colour, and creativity. World-renowned beauty experts and notable beauty influencers like Liz Kapran, Samantha Guerrero, and Izzi partook in the event. Attendees witnessed a tutorial and masterclass that showcased the inclusivity and range of the beauty line.

The event was a massive success and generated plenty of share-worthy content on social media.

3. Sephora x YSL Beauty

Sephora X YSL Beauty - The Concierge Club

Sephora, a French multinational retailer in the personal care and beauty industry, carries 300+ brands along with its own private label. This year, The Concierge Club helped launch YSL Beauty popups for Sephora Canada.  

The YSL pop-up experience was made memorable with thematic decor and beautifully showcased fragrances, red lipsticks, mascaras, and much more. To make the experience even more festive, a DJ was present on the scene to drop the beats and elevate the vibe.

4. Kind’s Secret Farmer’s Market

Kind’s Secret Farmer’s Market - The Concierge Club

Surprise and delight have always been key components in successful marketing campaigns. And KIND Snacks, a healthy snack food company, took it to a whole new level.

To emphasize the brand’s focus on healthy eating, KIND set up faux vending machines in New York. These vending machines led to a secret farmer’s market where fresh produce was given away.

The element of surprise and novelty resulted in the campaign getting major traction on social media. All in all, more than 8,000 people participated. This is truly one of the best experiential marketing examples of 2022.

5. CSAA Insurance Group’s Rickroll

Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” is a memorable hit song and meme. It is the song involved in the fun internet prank known as “Rickrolling.

Rickrolling started in 2007. Although it has had its ups and downs in popularity, it is still done to this day. This proves that some memes really stand the test of time—and CSAA Insurance cleverly leveraged this timeless meme.

This 2022, CSAA Insurance Group “Rickrolled” people with QR codes on billboards. But instead of the standard Rickroll, the QR code led to a 30-second video collaboration with Rick Astley himself and CSAA’s reps singing their promise to “never let you down.”

Because it cleverly used both digital and physical marketing elements to create a funny and surprising experience, it will always be remembered as one of the best experiential marketing events that happened this year.    

Create Captivating Events with The Concierge Club

This wraps up our list of the best experiential marketing campaigns and event marketing examples of 2022.

Are you looking to drive engagement for your brand with your own unique experiential marketing idea? As a premium event and experiential marketing agency, The Concierge Club is here to make it happen.

Launch your next memorable corporate event and experiential marketing execution with us. We are a premier agency known for revolutionizing the experiential marketing scene one event at a time.

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